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Bar Mat Size = 90cm x 25cm

Design your Bar mat following these simple steps.

1) Choose a background colour from the colour picker by clicking background button OR drag a background from our growing library of background images.

2) Add your own photos or clip art pics by either dragging images straight into the canvas area from your desktop or folders or clicking the image button and using the prompt box to locate the images you want on your hard drive.  Various images and clipart are also available that you can simply drag onto the canvas area. Pics and images can be sized and moved and rotated as you require. (please note only upload file type .jpg .jpeg .png and .gif other file types cannot be read) To size photos hold the mouse over the left corner and an arrow will apear, click and drag to size required.

3) Add custom text by clicking the text button. A text box will appear with sample text. Simply highlight existing text by clicking mouse over it and then typying your own text. Text can be sized, moved, colour changed and rotated as you require. Shapes can also be added in different colours.

You can personalise your bar mat as you please, it really is up to you and your imagination.

Once created, just ADD TO CART and purchase your mat. A preview will appear but if you are not happy simply click out of the preview window to continue editing.

We will deliver your custom bar mat usually within 7 working days. We look forward to seeing your new designs and creations.


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